Network evolution has lately been led by new mobile technologies (5G/6G), edge-centric computation, and artificial intelligence. The protection of critical data as well as guaranteeing various stringent service requirements such as very high throughput, ultra-low latency, high availability, and security, are some of the challenges faced by network operators, which are also addressed in this workshop.

The workshop is proposed by the CELTIC-Next flagship project AI-NET PROTECT (Providing Resilient & secure networks [Operating on Trusted Equipment] to CriTical infrastructures), which aims at providing automated resilience and security for networks operated on trusted equipment, critical infrastructures, and enterprises. During the workshop, different case studies on network automation and machine learning performed in the frame of the project will be discussed.

The workshop will consist of 7 short presentations given by the representatives from Network operators, system providers, and academia, and will finish with a panel discussion.

Time: Tuesday, June 29, 13:30-15:30 CET

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  • Carmen Mas-Machuca, TUM, Germany
  • Lena Wosinska, CTH, Sweden

Talks and Speakers

AI-NET Umbrella introduction to the automation topic
Achim Autenrieth, ADVA, Germany

Open disaggregated networks, TIP view
Stefan Melin, Telia Company, Sweden

AI-assisted Network operations
Daniel Henriksson (Lunet) and Johan Sandell (Waystream)

Automated Network & Service Management and Telemetry
David Hock, Infosim, Germany

To PROTECT optical fibres from eavesdropping
Stefan Karlsson, FMV, Sweden

Data Marketplaces for the Realization of Autonomous Networks: Opportunities and Challenges
Behnam Shariati, HHI, Germany

Automation in IoT security
Joost Adriaanse, TNO, Nederlands

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