Micro-service based autonomic traffic control in 5G and beyond

TeraFlow will be a new type of secure cloud-native SDN controller that will radically advance the state-of-the-art in beyond 5G networks. This new SDN controller shall be able to integrate with the current NFV and MEC frameworks as well as to provide revolutionary features for both flow management (service layer) and optical/microwave network equipment integration (infrastructure layer) while incorporating security using Machine Learning (ML) and forensic evidence for multi-tenancy based on Distributed Ledgers.

The target pool of stakeholders expands beyond the traditional telecom operators towards the edge and hyperscale cloud providers. These actors will be benefited from TeraFlow by
a) exploiting a new type of secure SDN controller based on cloud-native solutions while, and
b) achieving substantial business agility with novel and highly dynamic network services with zero-touch automation features.

This workshop intends to create awareness of multiple aspects of TeraFlow SDN controller. In this sense, discussion with related stakeholders will provide interesting feedback in order to update TeraFlow requirements.

Time: Monday, June 28, 14-16 CET

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  • Ricard Vilalta, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomuncacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA), Spain
  • Juan-Pedro Fernández-Palacios, Telefónica I+D/Global CTO Unit, Spain

Talks and speakers

The need for a cloud-native SDN controller
Ricard Vilalta, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA), Spain

TeraFlow architecture and use cases
Juan-Pedro Fernández-Palacios, Telefónica I+D/Global CTO unit, Spain

A Transport SDN controller and business models
Hanne-Stine K Hallingby, Telenor Research, Norway
Esther Garrido-Gamazo, ATOS, Spain

Providing Transport Network Slicing on IP over DWDM networks
José-Miguel Pulido, Volta Networks, Spain

SDN-control of wireless transport networks in 5G and beyond
Nicola Carapellese and Michele Milano, SIAE, Italy

Applying Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts to Transport Networks
Rahul Bobba, NEC, Germany

Current Transport SDN Standardization efforts
Daniel King, Old Dog Consulting, UK

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