Instructions for Poster Presenters

The instructions found in this page are specific to the poster session. Instructions for regular papers can be found here.

ONDM 2021 organization will have an interactive poster presentation hosted through the tool. will be configured to provide each poster Author with a Poster set. A Poster set consists of a stand where the digital poster will be located and a thumbnail showing a preview of the poster. Participants will be able to communicate freely during the session (ask questions, see your poster).

Requirements for Poster formatting

  • Only .png or .jpg format can be used
  • Minimum width is 1000px (26.46cm) 
  • Minimum height is 600px (15.88cm)
  • Maximum file size is 3MB
  • Minimum DPI of 72
  • Recommended using a white background. A transparent background will be filled with a black background

Instructions for Poster preview (i.e., a smaller copy of the poster):

  • Only .png or .jpg format can be used
  • Recommended height and width is half of the main document

Your poster can have either landscape or portrait orientation and can be composed of one or more pages (in a single .jpg or .png file).

To have an idea on how works and how the poster will look like you can take a look at this video [from min. 4:42 to 5:27]

Please send your files (one Poster and one Preview) to no later than June 18 EOB.

We will set up and upload your poster. We will grant access to the tool 30 min. before the poster session so that you can find your stand and be ready to present your poster when the attendees come.

The instructions for access to the tool will be provided closer to the conference dates. We will provide a separate environment for you to test the features before the conference.